Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where is Jia....

Jia is at the Dianjiang County Social Welfare Institute in Chongquig Municipality. has some information about the area. I have contacted Brian about getting Jia's finding ad. Finding ads are published by the orphanage as the first step for international adoption. The photos used in the ads pre-date a child's referral photo by several months. Additionally, information contained in the ads is very valuable to adoptive families, especially those who have not traveled yet.


  1. We got Lauren's finding ad from Brian as well. He's pretty quick and I agree, any little detail about our girls prior to our arrival is so precious. I'm not sure if you are already familiar with Mary or not, but she just returned from China and her daughter is from the same province as your daughter. If you want to check out her blog, go to my blog and then see Schneider family link on the left.

    Hope your travel soon!! :)

  2. We adopted our DJ girl (Jiang Ai Nian) in April of 2007. I'm sure you will find that your daughter is well loved and cared for. If you'd like to see our story, our blog is

    Congratulations! Deanna (Mom to Allie)

  3. Cannot wait to hear more info etc.... hugs to ya...