Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Little Girl......

This is a picture courtesy of Debi. This girl LOVES to be outdoors.
She would be happy as a clam just sitting in the exersaucer on the deck watching the other kiddos playing in the yard. That all changed when Jia's sitter Debi put up a swing set in their back yard. The day the swing set was completed she finally decided it was time to walk in the grass to see what the other kiddos were up to. Debi let me know that she is a little dare devil.....loves climbing up the slide and once she gets up to the top she does not know how to get back down. Debi is teaching her to slide down on her belly.
Speaking of sliding on her belly... last weekend with Daddy she slid down the stairs at our house. Yay!! We've been showing her for months how to go down the stairs on her belly and she did it this weekend for Daddy. When I came home and she went down them it was the funniest thing EVER!! I was laughing so hard. The best way to describe it ...she looks like a fish out of water flopping around or a breakdancer doing the worm. Very funny!!

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