Thursday, April 9, 2009

Learning about posting Pictures......

Posting some pictures of the dog baby Peanut, Bonnie and Peanut's soon to be new yet to be determined.

We adopted Peanut a tiny red and white piebald wire from a STL rescue group in March 2008. She was a breeder's dog and was not in the best of shape when we picked her up. It's amazing what a year will do! Last year March 2008 she weighed 6.9 lbs, sad eyes, very thin and had no hair on her ears and tail. Yesterday I took her to the Dr. for her annual appointment and she now weighs 8.4 lbs, healthy, bright eyes, muscles and lots of hair.
In the beginning I would have told you that adopting her was not a good decision but in the long run I am so happy that we did. She is a super sweet dog.
Our first dachshund love Bonnie aka SuperBonBon loved Peanut to death. They were buddies that loved sitting by the front window in the sunshine barking at anything that happened to move outside. We lost Bonnie unexpectedly on February 19 2009 to heart failure, we all miss her to pieces.

This little cutey will be a new member of our family May 1 2009. We look forward to picking her up and welcoming her into the family. Not sure that we are looking forward to the housebreaking her but Jay can inherit that job.


  1. Awe... super cute pics. Thanks for posting them. Thanks especially, though, for opening your home and your hearts to Isabel. We're blessed to have four grandchildren, the first adopted from Russia and the other three from Ethiopia. What a treasure they are!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your doggies are all so cute! It looks like you guys are getting close. I hope the CCAA gets to the 27th sooner than you ever hoped for. Take it from me, there's nothing like finally getting to see your Daughters face!

    Gin =)