Friday, April 24, 2009

A little buzz going on....

There isn't much to talk about with the adoption just yet.

It's been said that they have begun matching and the rumored cut off date is 3.14.06. We do know that they are matching the next batch of kiddos with their parents, just don't know what date they will get to.

Our LID is 3.27.06 (log in date - the date our paperwork was registered in China). Last month China finished the placement of children for the families whose dossiers (adoption application documents) were registered on/before March 8, 2006. China has 19 days worth of dossiers to process before they get to our dossier. Currently China is matching 3.8 days worth of dossiers a month, so at this time we should here something by September or October of this year.
Not seeing a speed up with the increase of orphanage fees yet. I really do hope that there is some sort of speed up for the people that are waiting in line behind us.

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  1. Hey!! We are also with CCAI, so with the same LID, there is a good chance we'll be travelling together. How cool!

    If the match through 3-14 then we are on schedule for our July/August referral!