Tuesday, June 16, 2009


We actually started getting the room ready for the little one. It's pretty shocking.

This room has served the purpose of a huge closet for many years, collector of misfit household items that we had no idea of what to do with. What should I do with such and such?? Just put it in baby girl's bedroom and we'll deal with it later. These things have either moved to another room, been donated or just thrown out.

The bedroom now looks like the scene from Dexter.

Plastic draped on the walls from the ceiling all the way to the floor, layers of plastic covering the floor.
The victim.... popcorn ceiling. All I can say is popcorn ceiling texture is the nastiest stuff and our house has plenty of it. Slowly it is vanishing room by room.

Yesterday J filled in the dimples on the ceiling and tonight I'll go in and sand all the rough areas out. I would hope I can continue with this rare spurt of motivation and at least start priming the ceiling tomorrow night so I can re-texture the ceiling on Thursday.

Took some before pictures... need to take some during this process and post some.
I hope we can get this done in two weeks. HA!!


  1. Progress! We're painting the basement this weekend. We have 1 last coat of primer to put on before the color goes on. Yay! Did you pick out a color for baby girl's room?

  2. Basement is looking good, are you just priming your basement this weekend? Do you have a color picked out?
    No color picked out yet for the little ones room. Need to go to Ben Moore and get some colors.