Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oh really....

A few weeks ago my hubby said he was not sure if we should name the "wee one" Isabel anymore.

"OK that's fine." I said to him. "Do you have another name in mind?"

"Well, I was thinking about the name Abigail." he said.

"Oh really" I replied. "The name that I suggested when we started this whole process four years ago? The one you vetoed and said that you didn't like?"

Smirk on Jay William's face as he said, "Um, yea."

Who knows??? I think we'll know if she's an Abigail or an Isabel once we get that cute picture. I like both names.

Now if it's a boy?? That's another story.

1 comment:

  1. That's sooo funny. Derek and I are convinced we will be on the flight over before we finally decide on a name. But we're like y'all. When we see her picture we can decide!