Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We are next!!

From what I am hearing we should get our referral between 9.21 - 10.1. Hearing 9.29 to 10.1 could really be the days due to the upcoming holidays and I am OK with this. I am just thrilled that we are next!!

These next few weeks before referral I am trying to get everything that I always wanted done around the house done. Removing wallpaper, painting walls, fixing the grout in the bathroom, baby's room, painting trim, replacing our craptastic doors around the house, hanging crown moulding.... etc. etc. Doubt I'll get all the doors replaced but it would be nice.
Last night I said to Jay "What are we thinking? We had years to get this done and we wait until the last minute?" Ahhh, nothing like a little motivation!

Today I will go home after work and paint some more trim. Yippee. Tomorrow I am getting my hair colored and cut. Which means no painting for me!!


  1. I love home improvement!! And new haircuts and color! We've pretty much done all that. I've painted the house completely since we started waiting. This summer I replaced our shutters. I do need to do some painting outside but that has to wait for cooler weather! :) I have Clemson football to keep me occupied during September- we have 3 home games and one thursday night away game! And since home games mean an all day event, that pretty much takes up our month of waiting. Yay for football!

  2. Love football season! We just got our season tickets yesterday for Mizzou football. We have two home games in September and you are right... all day event and hooray for tailgating. Go Tigers!!

  3. It is like that at our place! Time to purge, clean, renovate(that is done at least). Gotta get ready!!

    Keep smilin!

  4. Yes, you are NEXT!!! You got to love putting off everything until the last minute! We are proof of that! I was more prepared 3 years ago than we are today! We moved earlier this year to a house that needed completely redone. Now we are just trying to get it all ready to bring Emma home. With a surprise referral (not that I am complaining!) and our travel date moving up, I continue to be surprised with this journey! What fun would it be to have everything in order and be prepared?!!!! Good luck, I can't wait to see your sweet little one!