Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tick, tock, tick, tock..... part two

My mind is mush! I can't function or think straight today. What am I going to be like tomorrow or the next several days?

It's really finally starting to sink in. In several days I will get a picture of that sweet little face that I have been waiting so long to see. True story!
I think I am going to cry!
No wait, I am crying!

If anybody walks by my desk right now they are going to think that something is wrong with me...
Nothings wrong. I swear.
Just extremely happy. Pass the Kleenex please.


  1. Right there with you!!! It is amazing, isn't it? All this wait, about to be over... I still am trying to wrap my head around it. In a matter of days we will not be a family of two anymore... we will be a family of three...
    No, not much work at all going to get done over the next week.

  2. I know... I can't work either. I'm mush right along side you! I know we must wait a few more days, but I feel like it is suddenly impossible to wait any longer!!!

  3. Big air hug to you! Your time is coming! I find myself thinking of you a lot lately and wishing nothing but great things for you! Maybe today will be your day--Audi

  4. I hear ya! Hang in there! We are gonna make it. It is so great to be able to share this moment in time with you.

    Keep smilin