Wednesday, July 1, 2009

LOVED this growing up..."Free to be ... you and me"

I was reading this blog and they mentioned "Free to and me" one of the first pieces of vinyl that I owned. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this growning up.

From Wiki:
Free to Be… You and Me is a record album and illustrated songbook for children, first released in November 1972, and later in 1974 as a television special, featuring songs and stories from celebrities (credited as “Marlo Thomas and Friends”). Using poetry, songs, and sketches, the basic concept was to salute values such as individuality, tolerance, and happiness with one’s identity; a major thematic message is that anyone, whether a boy or a girl, can achieve anything one wants.

The album has become a cult classic across the United States amongst many who were children in the 1970s.

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  1. Being an Aussie I had never heard of this show... but I did watch a few of the episodes... I kinda like it...
    Which led me to that show 'Puffinstuff' remember that one... lol