Monday, July 13, 2009

Wee One's Bedroom

It's coming along but it's an extremly SLOW PROCESS!!

Need to finish priming the trim, then paint the trim, hang crown molding and paint the crown molding, put in a new closet door and bedroom door, paint the new closet door and bedroom door. Hopefully it will be nearly completed in two weeks...

Why did I wait until the last minute?????


  1. I was the same way....Emily came home with no wallpaper...oh well....LOL....nice color!

  2. I wish I would have waited. Emma's room was done Jan 2007 with our LID of 08-08-06. We thought the wait time was 9 months then, we were soooo wrong. I have been looking at that room forever. Now I just keep the door close period - I know it's dusty in there, but oh well.

    I will keep my fingers crossed for you in hoping that they finish up with March of 2006 - i'm looking forward to seeing April come in.

    Congrats!! to being soooo close. And I love the picture of the baby kissing the cow!!


  3. So funny... I had the room done... 2 years ago... I was too hopeful!!

  4. I am glad I wanted for the March families to start getting referrals so that it kept me busy until they started to reach April (I am 5th April remember) and I have about 85% of it done... little bits at a time to keep me busy... love the colour you used...