Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Upcoming Holidays and Trade Fair....

Just read this on RQ. Quite honestly this would be our luck....lately it seems we can't catch a break.

The US Consulate in GZ will be closed October 1st through the 5th (Thursday through Monday) for National Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival. And then again on Monday October 12th for Columbus Day.
Many Chinese businesses and government offices are going to be closed October 1st through 8th, which is Wednesday to Wednesday for a combination National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holiday.
This is going to make the timing for travel around this time period a bit of a challenge.
And to top that off, the Trade Fair in GZ this year happens three weekends (Thursday through Monday) between October 15th and November 4th. That doesn’t stop adoption, but it makes hotels and airline tickets more expensive, and tickets and reservations harder to come by.


  1. PERFECT! MORE HURDLES. I read that and laughed. Honestly, at this point, as long as we get our referral and they let us on the airplane...well... I'll consider myself lucky. You are so right.... as a March LID, we have the WORST luck of all LID groups so far!! I'm ready for that luck to change. :)

  2. Ok- here's what I think... we will travel to our province first, so perhaps we will get lucky and not be in Guangdong... and this won't affect us!

  3. Makes you just want to clunk everyone's head together :)