Sunday, November 29, 2009

Break through and tour day

From yesterday 11/29/09

Just wanted you to know that Jia is letting her daddy hold her today without causing a fuss. She is starting to realize that I am not going anywhere and is letting Jay get closer to her. We had issues when we went to the regisration office for her adoption. This is the place where we picked her up and she didn't like it. Of course I don't know what was going on in her little head but since that day she went backwards with Jay. She would let Jay feed and change her in the morning since I would sneak out of the room before she would see me.... in the past once she saw me it was history but now she is sees me and doesn't cause a fuss. She is even letting me leave the room and she doesn't cry.

Today we toured the city of Guangzhou. First stop was the Six Banyans Temple to see a Pagoda and be blessed by the monks. Jia was taking a nap in the carrier which she does well while we check out the Pagona. The smell of insense was overwhelming. Jia and myself went it to get blessed and it was to funny....Jia was in a deep sleep and once the Monk started beating his drum and chanting she woke up and started bobbing her little head.

Next stop was the Folk Art Museum which was built 100 years ago. Beautiful cravings on the outside of the buildings and beautiful artwork for sale.

Third stop was the Guangzhou local arts and craft store run by the Guangzhou Municipal Government. The artist working there were talented. This young lady was painting inside tiny bottles and glass globes, another lady was painting intricate artwork on porcelain vases and the list goes on.
Headed back to the hotel and a couple of other fellow families went to grab a bite to eat and enjoy an ice cold local beer. Jia is taking her nap and then it is a group dinner at the Cow and Bridge Restaurant for some Thai Food. Yummy! I dig Thai.

Tomorrows photo and a medical exam for Jia. This leg of our a journey is for the US of A. Talk to you all later and her is a snap shoot of the museum.
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  1. You will love the Cow and Bridge!! Get the curry! It is to die for!

  2. Glad you are now able to leave the room :)
    Have you seen Jan yet?
    Take care...