Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hong Kong last night and our last day.....

We walked around Hong Kong last night and everything was decorated for Christmas. We don't even feel like we are in China. I could actually live in Hong Kong with no problem.
Heading off to Chongqing in five hours and we will arrive around 8:25 pm. We will do some paperwork when we get in tonight and try to get some sleep before the big day tomorrow. Hugs to everyone!
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  1. I LOVE Hong Kong!!! My husband and I actually got engaged there on Christmas Eve (2000)'s so beautiful and such a great city! Glad you guys have been having so much fun already! Bet you can't wait until Chongqing!!!

  2. Think that HK looks awesome... can't wait to catch up on what else is in store for you both.

  3. Hong Kong is a beautiful country! I loved the elevation and the archetecture! You will find each and every place you visit very different from the next! Can't wait to see Jia!!